Mr & Mrs Vegan

Happy ThanksLiving! Celebrate compassionately & deliciously! 11/28/2019 is the vegan, cruelty-free celebration of Thanksgiving.

I founded ThanksLiving almost 20 years ago after starving at a family Thanksgiving in Detroit, Mi.  I was a brand new vegan and told my mom that I needed to go shopping so there would be something for me to eat.  She said there would be plenty of things and when I got to the table, everything was coated in butter.  I went searching through the cabinets at my aunt's house and found a can of Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans.  Excitedly, I put them on the stove to heat up, only to return to see my Uncle had polished them off...   That night I swore I would never go to Thanksgiving again & founded my own holiday ThanksLiving.  


Over the years ThanksLiving has grown from random take out vegan food to an opulent spread of traditional recipes that leave the unhealthy fare in the dust.  You can keep all the nostalgia of the holiday & all the flavors & lose all the cruelty & unhealthy foods. 

Celebrate along with us & help us take over this Holiday & make living the norm!